About Garth von Buchholz

I'm a Canadian author, digital educator, blogger & social media strategist who teaches about social media and digital literacy. I'm also a graduate student at UBC. Active writer, photographer and gig musician. My social hub is https://GarthVB.com

Will the Circle Be Unbroken

An autistic boy escapes into the woods near his home after his father murders his mother. The father follows him, planning to silence the boy before the police can arrive.

To find out what happens next, read my short story Will the Circle Be Unbroken, which will be published in the December 2020 Island Writer anthology.

painting of meteorite falling from the sky


Where Are the Hands (poetry) and Zero Dark (fiction) published in 50th edition of The Sirens Call

The 50th issue of The Sirens Call, a special 256-page edition published on July 1, 2020 includes my poem Where Are the Hands (p.127) and short story Zero Dark (p. 34).

Also included is the poem Weeping Widows Crawl by my daughter, Tiana von Buchholz (p. 119)

Download the complete book below (PDF):

Book cover of the Sirens Call, 50th edition, July 2020